PTP5030 Pneumatic Pump

TXAM Pumps PTP5030 Pneumatic Pump with 1/2" Plunger Size for larger applications. Output 1.25 to 60 GPD. Powered by: Gas Supply, 50-100 PSI.

PTP5030 Description

The PTP5030 is available in single head only. Available with a 1/2" Plunger, the built in stroke length adjustment and pneumatic timer are utilized to precisely control your injection rates.

The PTP Series is made up of a stainless steel body for corrosion resistance. The stroke speed adjustments can be easily made by turning the built-in stroke adjustment knob, and the turn down ratio allows for extremely low, to the highest attainable dosing. Recommended supply pressures range from 50-100 PSI.

PTP5030 Specifications

  • Model: PTP5030
  • Maximum Pressure: 4500 PSI/310 Bar
  • Plunger Sizes: 1/2”
  • Output GPD: 1.25 GPD to 60 GPD
  • Power: Supply Gas, 50-100 PSI

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