HBT-BP Beam Pump


HBT-BP Description

The HBT-BP (beam style) pump is available in single or double head configurations for injecting higher volumes, or two chemicals at separate rates. An assortment of plunger sizes and built-in stroke length adjustments will allow you to precisely control your injection rates. The TXAM HBT-BP series pump is also a reliable source for stuffing box lubrication.

No more oil bath, no more tedious gears, no more lengthy maintenance. The HBT-BP series pump has the same internal design as the HBT series, the difference is there is no motor.

HBT-BP Specifications

  • Model: HBT-BP Beam Pump
  • Maximum Pressure: 1,000 PSI/170 Bar
  • Plunger Sizes: 3/16", 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”
  • Output GPD/LPD: 100+/375+
  • Power: Pump Jack

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