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TXAM Pumps manufactures and sells pump controllers for a wide range of applications in the Oil and Gas industry.

From the entry level SPC1000 with RS 485 remote control to the top level TSP 600N with full Automation control through TXAM's proprietary CLOUD network, we have the right pump controller to meet your needs.


UPC Description

The Universal Pump Controller (UPC) is TXAM’s intermediate level pump controller. Modes of operation include QPD/LPD/GPD modes, an intricate temperature control mode, batch mode, and a basic timer mode.. The UPC is also used with the TXAM Multipoint system.

Additional features include a discreate input for pump inhibit/run, analog input, temperature probe, full Modbus RS 485 control/monitoring. The UUP is housed within a water-tight enclosure enduring protection form the elements and can be used in certain Class 1 Division 2 applications.

UPC Features

  • Batch Mode
  • Temperature Mode
  • Modbus RS 485
  • Multipoint
  • Pump Inhibit/ Run

UPC Specifications


  • 12v DC/120v AC input
  • 12v DC/120v AC output
  • BLDC
  • Less than 1 AMP

Control Options

  • QPD / LPD / GPD
  • Batch Mode (Hourly/Daily)
  • Multi-Temp Control (4 Set-Points)
  • Cycles / Duration 1-10 / 1-6
  • Valve Board Control (VBC-Multipoint)
  • Pump Inhibit & Run


  • 1x Dry Contact
  • 1x Analog
  • RS485

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