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TXAM Pumps manufactures and sells pump controllers for a wide range of applications in the Oil and Gas industry.

From the entry level SPC1000 with RS 485 remote control to the top level TSP 600N with full Automation control through TXAM's proprietary CLOUD network, we have the right pump controller to meet your needs.


SPC1000 Description

The SPC 1000 is the TXAM entry level pump controller. Modes of operation include cycle/duration, on/off timer, and temperature. The SPC 1000 can be connected to control devices/networks via the Modbus RS 485 port which allow for remote control. Also, the SPC 1000 has a discrete input for a pump inhibit function.

Additional features include pump prime, battery voltage display, a color coded laminate for the battery and motor terminals, and a pluggable terminal for Modbus connection and pump inhibit.

SPC1000 Features

  • Rotary Dial Control for Settings
  • DC Voltage Display
  • Temperature Mode
  • Modbus RS 485
  • Pump Inhibit
  • Color Coded Motor & Battery Connections

SPC1000 Specifications


  • 12v DC/120v AC input
  • 12v DC/120v AC output
  • 15A Mini Blade fuse
  • 50mA

Control Options

  • Cycle/Duration H0/1-6
  • Single Temp Set Point 30-90 Degrees
  • Pump Inhibit Function


  • Dry Contact
  • RS485

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