TXAM TSP600N Paired With H2S Analyzer

TXAM TSP600N Paired With H2S Analyzer

A Midstream operation in the Midcon was concerned with over-injecting of H2S Scavenger for two main reasons. One reason was the current high cost of Scavenger, and the other was the creation of solids in the pipeline.

The operator wanted to pair an H2S Analyzer with a chemical pump controller and only inject chemical to keep the H2S in the process gas within a given range.
The system needed to be able to provide current injection volume, previous day injection volume, and tank level. It also needed to provide the H2S readings from the analyzer to adjust rates autonomously, as well as remotely.


Install a TXAM TSP600N Controller to communicate with Lead Acetate H2S Analyzer to inject only the needed Scavenger to keep the gas in spec.
The TSP600N scales the chemical injection rate based on a 4-20mA signal from the H2S Analyzer which represent the H2S ppm level. Communications is achieved via the TXAM Pump Cloud (can also be tied into existing SCADA).

Advantages of Automated Injection Rates


Operator has reduced Scavenger usage by 35%-40%. This is equating to thousands of dollars per month in chemical cost. Additional savings include a reduction in HSE exposure from employees not having to go to the location every day, less shut-ins, and less flaring on the sales side.
All of the pump and analyzer information can be accessed via the TXAM Cloud monitoring system or seamlessly tied into the operators SCADA system.

TXAM TSP600N H2S Cloud Monitor Screenshot

Cost of Ownership

ROI on Automated TXAM H2S Skid

The Automated skid is a Class 1 Division 2 H2S Skid with two TXAM Pumps, one KECO Lead Acetate Analyzer and a TXAM Controls with HMI.

  • Overall decrease in Scavenger usage between 30%-40%
  • $6.50 per gallon* (Scavenger) skid payback was 10 Months**
  • $9.00 per gallon* (Scavenger) skid payback was 7 Months**
  • $13.00 per gallon* (Scavenger) skid payback was 5 Months**

*Scavenger pricing and savings are based on current customer application and operational regions. Information regarding price per gallon was provided to TXAM by the customer.

** ROI timeline based on injection rate of 100 gallons per day.

H2S Skid Field Install

  • C1D2 or General Purpose
  • AC or DC Compatible Applications
  • Multiple Pump Configuration
  • Cloud Integration
  • Small Footprint
  • Multiple Rate Control Options
  • Tank Sensor Capacity
  • SCADA Integration

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