About TXAM

TXAM Pumps is the largest privately held solar pump company in North America. Since 1986, we have been an innovator in designing and manufacturing the most rugged and reliable chemical injection pumps in the industry.

With an imaginative eye for the future TXAM has designed and field tested an unmatched pump control system for chemical injection.


TXAM Pumps contracted Relevant Made to re-design, and develop, a new corporate website for our growing customer base.

Working with our team in Houston, Texas, Relevant Made brought our web presence into the 21st century with a clean, simple, yet powerful solution. That will help us serve our customers much better than before.

We are pleased with the work, and have already received positive feedback from our customers.

Seth Douglas, who worked directly with Relevant Made, says, "I learned a lot about what it takes to build a successful website, working with Relevant Made. They were very informative, and helped educate us on the process. Honestly, when I was assigned this project. I thought all I had to do was send a few emails, and a month or so later, we would have a new website. But the thing that stands out the most to me, is Relevant Made is all about working with us, not for us. Yes, they do work for us as contractors. But they were all about helping us solve our technical challenges in a relevant way, not just throwing something out there. I guess that's why they call themselves Relevant Made."